What size I would wear?

Just wondering what average size it is. Compared to what?

What does it mean by wig size?

Do you have any petite sizes?

Do you have any large sizes?

Are there men and woman's sizes?

We sell wigs from several manufacturers and most of them are "average". There is an adjustment on the nape to tighten or loosen the wig. Many people like to wear the wig looser than normal so that it is more comfortable. To keep the wig from moving, toupee clips can be sewn in. Or if there is no hair on the head to clip to, toupee tape can secure the piece.

There are basically only 3 sizes of wigs: Large, Average, Petite. All the wigs are adjustable, so average is a "one size fits most" type of size. It will fit anyone except unusually large or small heads.

Since I have people ask what size the wig is, they all say "size is average". It's seems a bit redundant--like putting "one size fits most" on everything I sell, but they are all slightly different, so it is impossible to give an exact measurement for each wig. Basically, it will probably fit unless your head is unusually large or small. There is an adjustable band at the nape to make it looser or tighter (about 2 inches)--much like a belt does for pants. Most of the wigs fit most people since they do adjust and are meant to be snug.

Men and women tend to have similar sizes of heads. In fact a lot of women have larger heads than some men. So gender isn't really a factor in head size. The wigs do adjust and are meant to fit smugly. Many men can wear the women's styles of wigs. Just like clothing and shoes, they are slightly different in shape and size even though they are sized as "average".

The only other "size" we carry besides average, is "petite" and these do have a much smaller size cap. If your head is unusually small, then you can wear a petite although not many wigs come in petite. If you are looking for petite sized wigs, type the word petite in the search box.

I do not have any that are sized as "large" but I do sell wigs to men and most seem to fit fine on larger heads. I'd steer away from the very short ones, though. They tend to run smaller.

How do I put on a wig?

I have long hair. Can I fit it under a wig?

How does it fit?

How does it stay on?

If you have never worn a wig before, I'd highly suggest having someone who has worn one help you, or go to a wig salon and have them show you. If you do not put it on correctly, it may not seem to fit right, or might look awkward. Sometimes I find that people don't pull them all the way down in the back or they pull them too far down in the front, or sit them on top of their head--like they are wearing a hat--which isn't the correct way to put them on.

Sometimes the cap might fit, but the wig might be too full and need to be trimmed down. It is a good idea to have the wig cut at a salon so that the hair length fits the face of the person wearing it.

If your hair is short, the wig will just fit over it and you can tuck in anything that may stick out.

If your hair is long, it is quite likely you can fit all your hair in without a lump. I have seen long curly hair flatten down enough to wear a very short pixie. It just takes some practice. It will need to be put up and flattened-- preferably with a wig cap--so that it doesn't "pouf out" and make lumps in the wig. Do NOT make a bun. (Please click here to follow the directions on this page.)

The wig should fit smugly, with the bottom of the wig all the way down to the nape of your neck, and the front of the wig up to your front hairline, somewhat like a swim cap. . There are ear tabs on the sides that fit in front of your ears and help you to get the wig on straight. If it is too loose or two tight, take the wig off, adjust the tabs at the nape, and try it on again. The wig will need to be brushed or "finger combed" into place once it is on you head.

You may secure the wig to your own hair with bobbie pins. Or if you do not have hair, you may used toupee tape.

Do the wigs come styled like in the picture.

Do I have to style them?

None of the synthetic wigs, hairpieces, hair extensions, or wiglets are "styled". The pictures you see are pretty much what they look like when they come out of the box and are finger combed into place.

I have seen other company's style and/or cut a wig or hairpiece to look good on the model, and then take the picture: thus misrepresenting what the client thinks he or she is buying. I chose not to prestyle the wigs. I pretty much just shake them out and finger comb them into place and take the pictures. If the wig in the photo has been altered, it will be noted in the description.

The human hair wigs, however, are set with rollers at the factory. They are not styled here in the salon. What you see in the picture is close to how they look when you get them. However, they may need to be styled a bit since they have been in an unnatural position during shipment. You may need to sprits them with water and smooth them out to get rid of the "sitting in a box" look.

With the synthetics, the style stays even after you wash it. With the human hair wigs, you will have to re "set" the style--just like you would with regular hair.

With both the human and synthetics, you might want to have it cut a bit on top or around the face if the bangs are too long, or if it is too full. A regular hairstylist can cut a wig. Cutting a wig won't take out the curl or cause the hair to fall out.

Can bangs be cut on this wig?

Can I cut the wig shorter?

Will it make the hair fall out?

You can cut bangs on most of the wigs unless they are styled to go away from the face. Some wigs even have a skin top or a mono-top. If it has a skin or mono top, it should state it in the description.

You can cut most of the wigs shorter without a problem. Sometimes cutting bluntly with scissors will cause a "choppy look" on the ends. I suggest clipping the tips of the hair (once you have cut it to the length you desire) with thinning shears to soften.

Cutting a wig won't take out the curl or cause the hair to fall out. If you have a concern about a particular style, please contact me.

Are these costume wigs or can they be worn for everyday wear?

Only the wigs in the costume section are costume wigs (some, not all, are made with a lesser quality hair fiber and cap construction.) The rest of the wigs on the site are for everyday wear--although you can also use them for costume if you wish.

Who makes the wig?

Is it a name brand company?

I've heard that if the wig is less than $100 that it's not a good wig. Is this true?

Most of the wigs on this site are made in China or Korea and are not "name brand" wigs. More expensive wigs (in general) are better quality. But you really cannot go on price alone. Name brand wigs are generally higher in price than non-name brand wigs--not because of the quality or the construction--but because name brand companies may have more overhead costs for their products, such as advertising, photography, sales people and designer's fees.

Price is determined by the seller, not by the quality of the wig. I have seen the exact wig that I sell for $40 sell for $100. Exactly the same wig.

What is the hair texture or cap like?

The hair texture varies. The more expensive wigs usually have better hair texture, but not always. If you are curious about a particular wig, feel free to email me. For the best quality cap construction, check out the mono-top wigs.

What is a scalp or skin top?

What is a mono-top?

What is Perma-Tease or weft?

Mono-top wigs have a thinner silky fabric with hairs individually tied to it, making it very realistic. Synthetic mono-top wigs can run about $300. Human hair Mono-top wigs are usually around $1000. Some mono-tops are hand-tied and some are machine-tied. The hand-tied tops are nicer and more expensive than the machine-tied tops. We carry both.

A skin top has a plastic looking scalp somewhat like a doll's head, but more flexible. Some of them are partial and have parts already made into the skin top and you can't change it. Some are full skin tops and can be parted anywhere. If you are curious about a particular wig please contact me and I can tell you if it has a full skin top or not.

A weft top does not have any type of scalp. It is sewn wefts just like the rest of the wig. You cannot part these types of wigs They are meant to be "fluffed" . A Perma-Tease is a weft top where the roots look to be backcombed or ratted. This stays in even after washing.

How long does a wig last?

What lasts longer:


People often ask me how long will a wig last. It is very individual--like anything, it depends on the person. For instance, I have a pair of shoes that I wear everyday and they have lasted me 5 years. My friend bought the same shoes, wore them everyday and they were worn out and falling apart in 6 months. I know that doesn't answer the question, but I don't want to mislead anyone by giving an approximation which could be way off in their individual experience

Human and synthetic can last about the same amount of time. A wig can last from a few months to several years. Like clothing, it depends on how well you treat them and how often you wear them. On the average, a wig lasts about 3-6 months if worn often.


What is better: Human hair or Synthetic?

Human hair has to be restyled after it is washed--just like real hair. You can use a curling iron or blow dryer on human hair. Some human hair can be tinted darker. They are difficult to lighten, however.

Synthetic stays in the style even after washing--like clothing. They are wash and wear. If you order one that has the style you like, it stays that way through washing. You can comb them into place or use hairspray, but you should not use heat on synthetic hair. They may melt.

Human hair is sometimes softer than synthetic, but very high quality synthetics can be as soft as human hair and even look more natural. Sometimes the color of a piece will make it look "real" or not.

I'm nervous about synthetics. Do they look fake?

Does human hair look more realistic?

What makes one wig look more real than another?

Human hair does not make a wig look more real. In fact, some synthetics can look much more real than the human hair wigs. People who come into the salon cannot tell which ones are human and which ones are not. They often point to a nice synthetic and say, "Now this one is real hair, right?" And are shocked when I say no.

Cap construction and color can make a wig look more real, but the most important ingredient is the person wearing it. If a wig style looks good on you, it looks natural. If the style doesn't look good, then it doesn't matter how real looking or well constructed the wig is. The important thing is whether it is flattering to you.

For example: I have had two people in the salon at the same time trying on the same wig. On one it looked horrible--like she has on a bad wig (but we had a good laugh.) On the other one, it look completely natural--like it is the hair growing right out of her own head.

Another example: One woman tried on a $500 wig. The style looked horrible on her. Next, she tried on an inexpensive $40 wig and looked fabulous! Just like with any fashion accessories like clothes, shoes, jewelry, hats, etc.--skin tone, shape of face, age, lifestyle, etc. all have a bearing on what wig will look realistic on you.

I highly suggest taking any wig you buy to a stylist you trust and have it cut to go with your face. On some people, it will look great on" as-is". I find that most wigs are too long in the bangs, or too full around the face for smaller faced people. If you like the basic style but think it is too full, it is best to keep the wig instead of returning it, and having it trimmed to fit your individual face.

Construction wise, the best wigs are the mono-tops. They have a hand tied "mono" top that looks like a real scalp. But just because it is a nicer made wig, that does not mean the style it is going to look good on you.


How do you put on the clip strips, fill-in thickeners, or the clip on bangs? You snap the clips open by bending them backwards. Then separate a strip of your own hair (underneath some other hair so the clip won't show), clip the strip onto your own strip of hair. If it tends to slip, backcomb (tease) your own strip of hair a little and clip it. Please click here to follow the directions on this page.

Will wearing a wig ruin my hair?

Can my natural hair still grow if a wig is matting it down.

If you wear a wig every day, 12-14 hours a day, for a long period of time, are there any negative effects on your own hair and/or scalp? The friction of the wig rubbing against your hair might damage your hair unless you wear a wig cap for the wig to "slide" against. Sleeping with a satin pillowcase helps keep your hair from breaking off for the same reason.

Hair grows on the average about a half an inch a month. Pressure does not keep hair from growing. The only thing that will stop hair from growing is lack of circulation or clogged pores.Stay away from "wax" conditioners (like cream rinses).

Also, your scalp does need to be stimulated. I highly suggest massaging your scalp vigorous about 15 minutes daily. This can be accomplished by brushing your scalp maybe before you go to bed or while watching TV or reading. It will keep the hair follicles clear and the blood flow going to the roots. I also suggest using our human hair leave-in detangler. It contains a conditioner that helps the skin and hair follicle.

What is a banana clip, a claw clip, and a French comb? All of these are a type of comb/clip that secure onto your own hair to hold on a hair piece. They hold best if you have enough hair to get into a ponytail, and then secure the teeth underneath the rubberband next to your head. Click on hairpiece small image to see more details.

See French Stretch Comb instructions. Also check out how to add a scrunchie to a claw clip.

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