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AKA Agent 99 (The Beauty and The Brains) -- Lead Vocals Agent 99

Adriene has been the lead singer in several Sonoma County bands and has been a highly requested singer at Karaoke bars over the last 17 years. A natural on stage, she has been singing and performing most of her life: from early elementary school recitals, to high school drama, to chorus at College of Marin.

Currently an elementary school teacher, Adriene enjoys bringing her background in music, theater and dance to her classroom, as well as coordinating productions with her school's drama club. She won "Teacher of the Year" last year. Her students think it is cool that their teacher is a "Rock Star."


AKA Agent Latex (Check out the pants!) -- Bass Guitar

Scott has been playing music for over twenty years with a wide range of influences from classic rock, to R&B, to big band. He has played in many bands over the years and, keeping good friendships with former band members, even fills in as a bass player if their current musician is unavailable. He is a hard working band member taking extra time out of his busy day to print and hang fliers.

Born & raised in Mill Valley, California, he attended Strawberry Point School where he experienced his first music claim-to-fame. You may remember the local radio hit called Mill Valley which was written and performed by Rita Abrams. Scott was one of the kids singing on this song. See if you can spot him in this video of the song on Youtube.

Scott keeps quite busy as a sought out musician, sometimes playing in as many as three bands during the same time period. Having once had a taste of the lime light, he is hoping that standing on the corner of Opportunity & Chance will pay off in the long run.


AKA Agent 420 (The Disappearing Act) -- Drums / Vocals Agent 420

Hans is an accomplished drummer, singer and pianist. He grew up with a piano in his home and when his parents threatened to get rid of it (because no one played it) Hans agreed to take lessons. Then in junior high school, since he couldn't play piano in the school band, Hans took up playing drums.

He has performed in many rock bands over the last 30 years, including a group formed while he was in the US Army. He has been the winner of several singing competitions in various styles of music: from Sinatra to Ozzy. He is also the owner of Clever Cigarettes, an electronic device to help smokers wean off their addiction to tobacco cigarettes.


AKA Agent 13 (The Master of Disguises) -- Keytar / Guitar / Vocals / Graphics & Multimedia Agent 13

Tamis earned an Associates Degree in Music from Mendocino College in 1991 with further education in art and multimedia. During the late 1980s to early 1990s, she was a promotional artist creating T-shirts, business cards, logo designs, banners, costumes, etc. for several local bands. In 1992, the early days of the internet, she created a website for the popular band, Skid Row and the URL was printed every month in Metal Edge Magazine. Updates were faxes to her by the lead singer, Sebastian Bach.

Tamis has been the winner in several singing competitions, including First Place in the Rock Category (ironically singing a Skid Row song) for the North Bay semi-finals (see video.) She is currently the instructor's assistant for the SRJC's Joy of Singing Class, and has also taught song writing and recording at a local Jr. High School. She is also a licensed Cosmetologist and the owner of Baron Unlimited, which specializes in cosmetics, wigs, and image consulting. You never know what she will look like. Truly the Master of Disguises! (see photos.)


AKA Agent L-Man -- Lead Guitar / Vocals Agent L-Man

AKA Agent L-Man (lead guitar man) Dave has been interested in music since a very young age and started out playing drums when his Mom bought him a drum set at age nine. After becoming a KISS fan several years later, he decided he wanted to be a guitarist like Ace Frehely and moved to the front of the stage.

Dave spent two years in the music program at College of Marin where he sang in the Choral groups and learned classical music composition. He applies this knowledge to his favorite instrument earning him the nick name "Yng-Dave" in honor of classical guitarist Yngwie Malmstein. He also took private guitar lessons with former Megadeth lead guitarist Marty Friedman.

His early guitarist influences range from Eddie Van Halen and Randy Rhoads, to Micheal Schenker and Angus Young. Given the wide variety of song styles this band plays, Dave's well-rounded musicianship is well showcased.


Fang Django
AKA Agent K9 (Agent 99's Puppy) -- Our Mascot Agent 13

Check out his commercial with Agent 13's Rolls-Royce (at least it sure looks like her car and Django.) Cottonelle® Toilet Paper.